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Welcoming new clients again! Hoorah!

After two years of being too booked, we're now accepting clients again! Send us an email to get your project quoted!

Our pricing is quoted on a per project basis, but a custom Wordpress site starts at around $1000 (including advanced security and some pretty unique and powerful features).
Our hosting starts at $20/month, including FULL support. (Our hosting speeds are more than 10x faster than cheap hosts like - meaning WAY more conversions).

Church Nursery Pager Goes Live has gone live. This project involves credit card payment, text messaging, security and encryption, and user management. NurseryPager provides the cheapest (and most efficient) solution to church nursery paging needs.

If you need a project completed, feel free to send us an email. We're finally accepting new clients again!

Why this ugly site? We're too busy to worry about it. We've just started accepting new clients (May 2013) after over 2 years of turning clients away. We'd rather concentrate on client sites.

"Recent Projects" (not so recent anymore --- pre 2010 sites)

A Few Previous Clients

More about dianewolf
Canada's Communication Coach Diane Wolf needed a website where she could advertise her business seminars and upload articles - and she needed it done on a shoestring budget. Not only that, but she confessed she wasn't very good with computers.

That's okay Diane -- we're here for you.
More about kicanada
Selling locally can still mean selling online. So, Tom approached us seeking help with an online ecommerce system which would meet the needs of his government buyers. Helping sales internationally didn't hurt either.
More about thresholdhomes
Jeff is computer illiterate (that's okay Jeff - we're expresso-machine-illiterate).
So, he asked us to build a website with picture and blog management built in.
We didn't break a sweat.
More about biblr
A pet project. We developed a web app which allows you to track your daily reading plan and interact via email and text-messaging. We're adding mobile support, groups and thinking about developing an iphone app.

Check it out.
More about srb
Needing to compete against national printers Don wanted a custom online business card builder which would allow customers to create and order original business cards.
More about blacksun
Teri approached us about bringing her monthly IT bills down. She wanted to take control of the content on her website rather than continuing to pay her web guys to do it. We obliged.
More about jamesfund
Diane needed some technical assistance with email configuration as well as some general web consulting. We listen (and answer!) well.
More about ptbochaplaincy
As a non-profit, Darryl realized that customizing a Wordpress theme was the most cost-effective way to go. We added a few customizable features, provided some video training, and redeveloped the back-end. Of course we passed on a little discount. You're welcome Darryl.
More about coaching
Barb wanted to add interactivity to her website and draw women into her business coaching classes by offering a free tool which would show people what their biggest stressors were.

If your life was balance you'd see a wheel... if it's like our lives you'd see something more a kin to a flat tire.
More about pregnancy
With a new executive director every couple of years and new co-op students every semester, Sheri wanted something she could easily operate and pass along when she left.

Helen was really happy about it when she took over the reigns last year.